Absolutely amazing! If this piece of art doesn’t turn heads, nothing will! With the world population of 48 billion people only one will have the opportunity to own and cherish this museum quality knife sculpture by Mario. From concept to completion, knife sculptor Mario hand selected each component to bring forth this exotic piece of art. The sub-base is made from hand molded and polished aluminum to set off the flint knapped obsidian base. The natural quartz crystal stand was chiseled and cut to a stunning design to showcase this elegant gemstone knife. The interior design from the base changes at every angle as light radiates through the crystal stand.

The blue Dendritic Jasper knife blade is designed, cut and polished to perfection. Under light, the reflection of the blade is gorgeous. Mario’s obscure imagination combines the perfect materials to one another and the blue Gabbro gemstone he has chosen for the handle with polished aluminum bands couldn’t have been a better choice. Each component of this knife sculpture is a masterpiece in itself.

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Overall length is 11" 5.5" dentritic blue jasper blade 6" carved hickory and ironwood handle
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Overall length 9" 4.5"polished triple flow obsidian blade 4.5" polished hematite handle w/ petrified wood butt and hilt
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Heritage Centerpiece

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