Hobo’s Treasure

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Artist Mario Marcella created this whimsical little hobo who watches over has treasures; polished desert jasper, deer bone, maple burl, and petrified wood. This little hobo is carved from maple wood and infused to deer bone so he sits above his treasured sculptured knife. Polished desert jasper is used for the 5.5″ blade and overlaps with the 5.5″ deer bone handle infused with polished maple. Hold the knife up to light and see the beautiful colors of the desert come to life in the jasper! .5″ of maple burl was selected for the knife handle butt and it all comes together atop beautiful petrified wood. From concept to completion, each component was hand selected by knife sculptor Mario to create this extraordinary work of art.

The knife sculpture is a must for any serious knife or art collector or investor. Personally signed by the artist, this masterpiece also includes a certificate of authenticity.

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