Mountain Driftwood

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Overall knife length is 13″ – 8″ Blade is knapped brown obsidian infused with triple flow obsidian border with heart notch. 6″ Handle is ambrosia wood exotic maple with burl maple hilt. Stand is carved manzanita wood in feather design. Find the 5 faces. Base is rainbow obsidian.

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Overall knife length is 12” 7” knapped green obsidian fused w/ slag glass blade 5” polished Turkish onyx hilt and handle. Washington state opal stand Polished Turkish onyx base
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Rough Neck

Overall knife length 12” 7” knapped midnight lace obsidian blade 5.5” deer bone handle .5" midnight lace obsidian butt Wine bottle fragment stand Mahogany obsidian base
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Under the Rainbow

Overall length 8" 4" knapped gold sheen obsidian blade 4" moose bone handle w/ labradorite inlay
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Masterson’s Copper

Overall knife length 11" 6" polished blue varigated tiger eye blade infused w/ hand worked copper 5" Picasso marble handle and hilt w/ copper nugget inlay Malaysian driftwood stand Rainforest brown sandstone base w/copper nugget inlay
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Hobo’s Treasure

Overall knife length 11" 5.5" desert jasper blade 5.5" deer bone handle infused w/ maple wood .5" maple burl butt Deer bone stand w/ carved maple wood hobo Petrified wood base
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Emerald Harmony

Overall knife length 10" 6" polished tiger eye blade fused w/knapped slag glass 5" polished red onyx handle and hilt Emerald green slag glass stand infused w/polished red onyx Knapped rainbow obsidian base
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